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16-inch 5-Blade Stand Fan
₱899.00 ₱2,699.00
16-inch Anti-Mosquito Stand Fan
₱1,167.00 ₱2,675.00
Spin 10 Oscillating Desktop Fan with Remote
16-inch Stand Fan
₱949.00 ₱2,699.00
6-inch Mini Desk Fan
₱499.00 ₱1,400.00
16-inch Anti-Mosquito Desk Fan
₱973.00 ₱2,332.00
16-inch Desk Fan
₱739.00 ₱2,099.00
AXIS 12 Desktop Airbar USB Tower Fan
Bhagwan Electric Water Heater set Single Point BHC-3580 2022 Model (Shower Heater)
Bhagwan Electric Water Heater Single Point Set for Shower BHC-3530 Model
Bhagwan Electric Water Heater Multi Point Set for Shower BHC-3588 Model
Small Panel Air Circulator
Energy Smart Air Purifier with Silverscreen and True HEPA Filtration
Spin 12 Oscillating Desktop Fan with Remote
16" Stand Fan
12-inch Desk Fan
₱709.00 ₱2,069.00
Large Air Circulator
Oscillating Tower Circulator
Energy Smart Large Stand Air Circulator
Airbase-1 Laptop Cooling Pad w/ Silent Fan
Energy Smart Small Air Circulator
Small Air Circulator
Insect Killer
16-inches Stand Fan with White Blade
16-inches Stand Fan with Green Blade
16-inches Desk Fan with Green Blade
16-inches Desk Fan with White Blade
18-inches Industrial Stand Fan
18-inches Stand Fan
18-inches Industrial Floor Fan
16-inches "The Silencer" Electric Fan
10L Portable Air Cooler
1.0HP Portable Airconditioner
18" Stand Fan