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Skin care

Body Wash

Just like bar soaps, body wash can do much more than just cleansing. These versatile liquid soaps come in a variety of scents and formulations that address every kind of skin concern. For a more nourished and beautiful complexion all over, shop BeautyMNL’s collection of top-quality body washes. From spa-inspired soaps to aromatic shower staples, our wide range of products are guaranteed to nourish, moisturize, and revitalize with every lather.

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About Body Wash

For most people in the Philippines, bar soap is their first choice for taking a bath. However, with more shower gels and body washes now available locally, should you give those a try instead? Here are several reasons to skip the soap this time around:

More moisturizing. This is often the top benefit cited by those who use body washes—that it has more moisturizing ingredients than the typical bar soap. After all, a good number of bar soaps still have alkaline properties, which can dry skin in the long run.

Newer formulations and combinations. Due to its composition, many shower gels can include different ingredient combinations and formulations that may not be possible with bar soap. Yes, that can include better foaming options or fragrances. Some even have glycolic or salicylic acid to exfoliate better.

Better exfoliation. Speaking of exfoliating skin, most shower gels by themselves are not going to solve it. However, it’s more on how most people apply body wash to their bodies—using a sponge or loofah. More people then end up scrubbing down when using a body wash compared to a bar of soap. That’s on top of some shower gels packing in more exfoliating features, such as microbeads.

No soap scum. It may come across as a cosmetic consideration at first, since you only need to make sure that your soap isn’t left in a puddle of water after you shower. But if you’re tired of situations like this, then give body wash a try. After all, you only need to squeeze out the amount that you need for a shower.

Of course, these advantages aren’t the only thing that you should look at when deciding to purchase body wash. Since formulations vary from brand to brand, it’s still important to do a bit of research into the ingredients that go into each one.