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Lip Balm & Lip Color

No one likes dry, chapped lips. Our organic lip balms moisturize and protect lips from environmental aggravators without leaving a sticky residue behind. They come in unique flavors that are made from real ingredients and smell so delicious, you’ll be tempted to eat it! BeautyMNL also offers organic lipsticks that are color-rich and created with only the highest quality ingredients. Lipstick is all about self-expression and confidence, and with our organic products, we have the cleanest, safest, prettiest options for your beauty needs.

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About Lip Balm & Lip Color

Yes, the organic product craze has also swept the world of lip balms and lipsticks. Should you now ditch your favorite MLBB shade? After reading these 5 reasons, you would—and we assure you, you’ll be also able to find a suitable replacement:

  1. You’re putting it on your lips. Would you put a potentially dangerous substance on your lips? We guess not. That’s why you should switch to an organic lip product that are made from all-natural ingredients. Many mainstream cosmetics still contain substances such as parabens, artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrances that can pose potential health risks.

  2. You might be even eating them. Sure, the reports of people getting addicted to lip balm are not real. But let’s admit it—you do lick your lips from time to time just to taste the flavor of your lip balm. Since you do ingest lip balm, you have to make sure that they’re free from toxic substances, right? And don’t worry about missing your favorite taste, as organic lip balm is also available in a wide range of delectable flavors.

  3. They’re not very expensive. Many organic lip products are competitively priced; some are even more affordable than their mainstream counterparts.

  4. The quality is the same as mainstream brands or even better. Unlike organic shampoos and conditioners, which do not lather as much due to the lack of artificial additives, the consistency of organic lip balms and lipsticks are generally the same. The only difference is that they may go bad faster than their mainstream counterparts due to the lack of preservatives in their formulations.

  5. They’re much milder on the lips. Since there are no artificial colors or fragrances in an organic lip product, there’s a smaller chance you’ll get an allergic reaction from putting them on.