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Facial Care

Your best face is healthy, glowing skin. BeautyMNL has an array of organic creams, serums, and oils that are chock-full of natural ingredients that feed your skin vitamins and nutrients for a flawless complexion. Remedy acne and blemishes, dark spots, or aging skin without turning to harmful and toxic products that can be detrimental to you—and the environment—in the long run. Who says you can’t go green and still look gorgeous?

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About Facial Care

Like many other people, your arsenal of beauty products is probably packed with numerous skincare essentials that aid in your goal to age gracefully. Among these are facial care products like sunscreens, eye creams, cleansers, facial washes, toners, facial lotions, and facial serums, a good number of which you’ve most likely integrated into your daily regimen to maximize your beauty mileage.

In recent years, facial serums have come to light as among the most effective tools we have in our skincare cache. Why is this so? Read on to find out.

  1. Facial serums are lightweight – Instead of being obfuscated by thick moisturizing, lubricating, and thickening agents, most facial serums are water-based and act only as lightweight moisturizers. This is great news for people with oily skin or those who easily break out and develop zits.

  2. Facial serums have more active ingredients – Because facial serums leave out heavier ingredients found in other facial products, this leaves room for more active ingredients to be included into the mix.
    Make sure to get a serum with a good mixture of helpful ingredients, including antioxidants that help protect against skin aging, hydrating substances that help maintain your skin’s moisture barrier, and anti-inflammatory components that protect against damage due to inflammation.

  3. Facial serums are absorbed by the skin quickly – Facial serums are designed to be easily absorbed by the skin. At molecular level, facial serums’ ingredients tend to be very small, allowing for easy absorption. This means you really get the most out of every drop, whether the benefit is removing dark spots or smoothing out wrinkles.

In terms of price, facial serums tend to be more costly than your regular facial creams or facial lotions. However, given their purer nature, their more concentrated quality, and the amazing skincare benefits that they provide, facial serums are an expense that might just prove to be worth the cost.