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Be Organic Bath & Body
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Your hair deserves a good conditioner that could hydrate locks without weighing it down with harmful and chemically laden products. Organic conditioners are created with natural ingredients to help your hair shine beautifully, and feel healthy and hydrated. BeautyMNL has a selection of organic conditioners that repair and renew hair, promote growth, and feed it with vitamins and nutrients that make it smooth and shiny, regardless of your hair type.

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About Conditioner

Yes, going natural is not just a fad. With the many benefits of using organic hair products such as conditioners, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join the bandwagon. To illustrate what your hair can enjoy with organic conditioners, here are some of the top ingredients in these products and their benefits:

Tea tree oil

Since tea tree oil is great for treating skin conditions, it’s a pretty effective treatment for all sorts of scalp irritations such as dandruff. It has antiseptic elements that control the microbes on your head and has shown promise in fighting against lice. Also called melaleuca oil.

Aloe vera

Of course, a list like this won’t be complete without this super plant. With the gel from the aloe vera leaf containing 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 20 minerals and more nutrients, it’s definitely not surprising why it has a lot of benefits. These benefits include soothing irritated skin, moisturizing the scalp, and stimulating cellular rejuvenation to promote hair growth.

Coconut oil

Another super substance is coconut oil. A natural antifungal and antibacterial substance, coconut oil is great for fighting dandruff. Yet it also contains many fatty acids for deep conditioning and moisturizing. One study has even shown that the use of coconut oil on the hair can help reduce protein loss, resulting in stronger strands.

Beta glucan

Like aloe vera, beta glucan is a carbohydrate that’s effective for soothing the scalp, making it great for people who have to deal with scalp issues. Many thickening and texturizing ingredients found in organic products, such as oats and cereals, contain it.

Jojoba oil

Originally used as a replacement for whale oil in cosmetics and hair care products, jojoba oil is also a fungicide. It is an all-natural emollient that unclogs hair follicles, which in turn helps promote new hair growth. Hence, it’s a popular ingredient in anti-balding hair care products.