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Vanity Cases & Mirrors

Organize all your makeup brushes and products in a pretty vanity case that has compartments for everything. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what’s best suited to your needs and how large your collection is. BeautyMNL also provides mirrors that are framed by special light bulbs that lend you the perfect beauty lighting—ensuring flawless and accurate application every time you put your face on.

Sit tight, beautiful things are worth the wait!
16 LED Lights Vanity Mirror BRUSH WORK
₱1,500.00 ₱799.00
Square Makeup Organizer BRUSH WORK
₱1,599.00 ₱1,199.00
Four-Bulb Vanity Mirror BEAUTY BOX
₱4,500.00 ₱4,050.00
Mirror With LED Light BRUSH WORK
₱899.00 ₱499.00
Waitlist Sold Out
6-Bulb Foldable Mirror BEAUTY BOX
₱5,000.00 ₱4,500.00
Waitlist Sold Out
Floral Vanity Case SUESH
₱3,500.00 ₱3,325.00
Waitlist Sold Out
9 Lamps LED Mirror SUESH
₱8,000.00 ₱7,600.00
Waitlist Sold Out
Makeup Mirror & Power Bank SUESH
₱1,850.00 ₱925.00
Waitlist Sold Out
Large Shock-Proof Organizer SUESH
₱1,815.00 ₱1,724.00
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About Vanity Cases & Mirrors

Are your palettes, brushes, blushes, and tubs of foundation all over the place? Fret not. Don’t just dump them all in a vanity case and lock them out of sight. Here are a few tips to set you on the right track:

  1. Sort and evaluate your pile of makeup first before buying a vanity case.
    By sorting all your cosmetics first, you’ll determine what you need to keep and what you already one to give away. You may discover that you have two lipsticks in the same color, for instance. Or you may unearth some expired creams and oils that should be thrown away.

  2. Think of a system to organize your makeup and implement it.
    For example, you may opt to sort palettes by color. Or you can devote a specific vanity case for cosmetics that you use on a daily basis and another one for those you only use for special events. By having a system in place, you can ensure that you won’t end up with a mess again a few months from now.

  3. Make sure you could see all of your makeup at one glance, in one place.
    That way, you won’t end up purchasing duplicates of one kind of makeup. You’ll also see which kinds of makeup you need to start using, lest they expire.

  4. Store your brushes bristle side up or lying down.
    This is to prevent them from getting deformed. Make sure to wash them regularly as well to prevent gunk from building up!

  5. Clean your mirror regularly.
    Don’t use newspapers or paper towels, as some of them may end up leaving lint. Use a lint-free cloth, such as ones made from microfibers, and a glass cleaner to wipe your mirror clean. And if there are hard-to-remove stains on your mirror, wipe it clean with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol first before using the glass cleaner.