Hair care

Hair Care

Healthy hair frames your face and expresses your unique look, so it’s a must to keep your tresses in tip-top shape. Whether you’re blessed with loose waves, voluminous curls, stick straight locks, or a rainbow-colored pixie, our hair care assortment carries something for everyone. Say goodbye to frizz, damage, dullness, buildup—and wave hello to shine, bounce, and sleekness. With BeautyMNL, your locks will forever be your crowning glory.

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Sunset Spray BEACH BORN
Argan Oil Hydrating Mask CYNOS
₱1,500.00 ₱1,200.00
Pink Roses Shampoo HANA
₱170.00 ₱151.00
Garden Blooms Shampoo HANA
₱170.00 ₱151.00
Spring Flowers Shampoo HANA
₱170.00 ₱151.00
Argan Oil Bouncy Curl Cream CYNOS
₱1,800.00 ₱1,260.00

About Hair Care

If your hair care regimen since time immemorial is just shampoo and conditioner, then please, treat yourself to an upgrade. There are a good number of products that you can now use to give your hair that extra boost, without needing to go to a salon. And many of them are available here on BeautyMNL. Here are some of the newest hair care product categories that you should check out:

Hair treatments – Are shampoo and conditioner not enough to fix your hair troubles? Then you should go for a hair treatment. There are many kinds of treatments available, ranging from protein-based reconstructors to make strands stronger to moisturizing ones for dried-out locks. Best when used regularly; some treatments, however, work best when heat is applied.

Hair masks – While technically a sub-category of hair treatments, hair masks are a heavier type of conditioner that help repair your hair. Recommended for weekly use. It is even a great alternative to regular conditioner for girls with long hair, as long hair requires more moisturizing power.

Dry shampoo – Got no time in the morning to wash your hair? Or is your hair getting dried out by daily shampooing? Instead of your grandmother’s old cornstarch-on-hair trick, try a dry shampoo instead (it works in roughly the same way). Simply spray it on, wait a few moments, and comb it out for instantly fresh hair.

Hair primers – Getting your hair styled in the morning and want it to last all day, or even longer? Before you crank up the heat on your blow dryer, make sure to apply a hair primer first. It works by shielding your hair from the elements—dirt, oil, humidity, the heat from your styling tools. That way, your hair not only stays clean; it also stays shiny and smooth all day.