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₱700.00 ₱1,299.00
2 Designs
3 Colors
2 Variants
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6 Variants
8 Variants
3 Designs
The deeper you get into any lifestyle, the more that things start to pile up. While this is true for any hobby, it just gets a little bit crazier when you’re into cosmetics and other beauty-related activities. You get a lot of tiny, loose, odds and ends and it’s just enough to drive anyone nuts keeping track of them and storing them. Good thing BeautyMNL gives you access to a wide range of organizers to help you organize both your kikay kits and your life. Here are a few tips on picking the right organizers for your lifestyle: 1.) Clear organizers are better. Transparent containers do away with the need for labeling, as you can directly see the contents without having to open it. This also keeps you from forgetting things you own, preventing you from buying unneeded duplicates. 2.) Organizers should make sense for what you have. For example, regular storage boxes can work for lipsticks, and brushes but they may not be the best at it because of their form factor, and because you’ll still need to do a bit of digging to get what you want. Purpose-built lipstick and brush holders that store the items vertically tend to do a much better job at segregating and organizing while providing easy access to whatever you need. 3.) Keep infrequently used items in boxes. If you have kikay items you don’t find yourself using that much but can’t let go of, it’s best to put them in clear storage boxes or drawers, rather than in easily-accessed organizers. This will free up your working space and keep dust from settling on your precious items.