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Having the right mirror will literally help you to see more and do more with your makeup. A good, lighted mirror is almost mandatory for precisely drawn eye makeup and perfectly pouty lipstick. What’s more, they make an excellent accent for your room. Here are a few ideas on picking the right mirrors. 1.) LED’s are lit. Natural daylight is still best if you can get it. But for those who need to do makeup at night or in badly-lit spaces, a good quality LED-lit mirror will help you see colors and tones more accurately. Make sure to choose one that can approximate daylight conditions. 2.) Shape and size matters. Larger-wall mounted are quite popular with most people, allowing you to see your whole ensemble and makeup together. Smaller mirrors, on the other hand, can be more easily transported and adjusted as needed. Shapes are a matter of personal preference, many people prefer rectangular or oval mirrors so they don’t have to move their head around so much. However, this is moot when discussing large and magnifying mirrors. 3.) Magnification. It’s good to have at least one mirror with strong magnification or a model with magnification on one side and none on the other. This will allow you extreme precision with it comes to applying makeup, particularly for the eyes. 4.) Adjustability. Petite and tall people will want a mirror that could be adjusted to meet their needs. The ability to angle a mirror is also especially critical for desk-mounted models so the height of the surface is not important and the mirror could be used from any angle.