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Having a surplus of containers for your soaps, cosmetics, food ingredients, clothes, and accessories is perhaps the most visible sign of “adulting” there is. Having all your things neatly organized in their own special containers is also good for you – helping relieve stress and making clean up a snap. Here are some things to think about when buying containers. 1.) Get slightly more than you think you need. If you think about it, there's always something in your house that can use its own container or organizer. When buying containers, make sure to leave enough space for future items that might come your way. 2.) Think about what you really need. Shopping for containers is also the perfect time to take stock of the things you have and which things to dispose of or give away. You’ll also need fewer containers this way. 3.) Invest in a few travel-size bottles. These things are a godsend for frequent flyers and keep you from wasting time and expensive scents, lotions, and other pricey liquids in airports.