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Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% THE ORDINARY
₱740.00 ₱720.00
The Green Tea Seed Serum INNISFREE
₱1,359.00 ₱1,223.00
Miracle Serum SOME BY MI
₱1,600.00 ₱1,300.00
Rose Firming Oil BREYLEE
₱300.00 ₱245.00
C 21.5 Advanced Serum BY WISHTREND
₱1,560.00 ₱1,300.00
Retinol Serum + Vitamin E NEUTRIHERBS
₱798.00 ₱599.00
Fresh Herb Origin Serum NACIFIC
₱1,500.00 ₱990.00
Red C Serum 30ml TIAM
Neroli Whitening Oil BREYLEE
₱300.00 ₱245.00
Tomato Serum MIJU GLOW
Honey Serum I'M FROM
₱1,200.00 ₱1,095.00
Ginseng Serum I'M FROM
₱1,460.00 ₱1,100.00
Hyaluronic Acid Light Serum G9SKIN
₱1,150.00 ₱795.00

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About Serums

Serums are not your grandma’s moisturizer. Aside from offering deeper moisturization, they can reduce the appearance of fine lines and smoothen out uneven skin pigmentation resulting from scars and exposure to environmental damage. Here are a few tips on finding and using serums that work best for your skin:

  1. Serums are not for everyone. People with skin diseases like eczema or those who are perfectly content with their beauty regimen will not benefit all that much from serums. They’re often better for those experiencing perpetually dry or prematurely-aged skin.

  2. Expensive is not better. While expensive serums do tend to have a higher concentration of active ingredients, this is not always necessary for most people. They also tend to do a few other things like preventing puffiness or protect against UV damage. However, this does not always guarantee effectiveness or quality.

  3. A little goes a really long way. Because of the high concentrations of active ingredients, you really want to use only as much as you need. Overusing serums isn’t just expensive – it could very well damage your skin.

  4. Use them after bathing or showering. Similar to a high-quality moisturizer, using a serum immediately after bathing will help your skin better absorb the active ingredients available, giving you more value for your purchase.