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Derma Roller (0.30mm) NEUTRIHERBS
₱798.00 ₱498.00
Collagen Mask BARONESS
Blueberry Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Pure Snail Mask Pack TOSOWOONG
₱145.00 ₱100.00
Hydrogel Very Simple Pack COSRX
₱1,299.00 ₱650.00
Aloe Vera Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Charcoal Mask Sheet LEBELAGE
₱55.00 ₱50.00
Pomegranate Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00

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About Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have taken the beauty scene by storm. Thanks to the arrival of many affordable yet effective brands on the market, it seems that more people than ever before have started using marks as part of their beauty regime. What’s more – many of us are using those sheet masks wrong! Here are a few tips on how to use a sheet mask correctly.

1.) Make sure your face is clean. The mask should be the last step after you apply your moisturizer and toner. At the very least, it should be applied after you wash your face with a mild soap or cleanser.

2.) Avoid fragrances if your skin irritates easily. Fragrances tend to be a major culprit when it comes to complaints of sheet masks causing irritation in some people. Good thing there’s a decent selection of unscented masks for all skin types readily available.

3.) Not all masks are the same. You wouldn’t think it needs to be said, but toning, whitening, and hydrating masks are not all the same. You’ll want to avoid using masks that might give you something you don’t want or need.

4.) Wash your face unless instructed otherwise. You don’t want all those dead skin cells and gunk sitting on your face longer than it has to. Unless the instructions state otherwise, it’s usually best practice to just wash your face thoroughly after using masks.

5.) Apply a toner after. Not only will a toner close off your pores, it will help extend the benefits of the mask you just put on.