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Egg White Peel Off Mask MISTINE
₱169.00 ₱135.00
Special Care Mask for Foot INNISFREE
₱175.00 ₱140.00
Total Peel Off Mask LUV COSMETICS
₱250.00 ₱125.00
Star Mask IMAGES
₱450.00 ₱145.00
Soft Peel Off Foot Pack ROROBEE
₱235.00 ₱190.00
Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack INNISFREE
₱190.00 ₱142.00
Blackhead Removal Mask BIOAQUA
₱380.00 ₱299.00
Aloe Vera Peel Off Mask MISTINE
₱229.00 ₱179.00
Oxygen Solution With Tabs TOP-O
₱250.00 ₱230.00
Blackhead Peek-Off Mask MIZON
₱150.00 ₱135.00
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About Peel-Off Masks

Peel-off masks aren’t just great for your skin – they’re convenient and a lot of fun to use too. Here’s how to get the most out of them:

  1. Clean your face first. You can apply the mask either after you shower or after you clean your face with a mild, noncomedogenic soap. Cleaning your face will ensure that your face has less oil, allowing the peel-off mask a better grip.

  2. Try a mask with antioxidants. Antioxidants will help even out the pigmentation on your skin and help it achieve a nicer, more youthful glow.

  3. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Peel-off masks may sting a bit when you peel them off since they will also remove most fine facial hairs, but they’re not supposed to be uncomfortable when they’re just sitting on your face. Any discomfort can be an early sign of an allergic reaction to the mask. Discontinue using it immediately if this happens.

  4. Wash your face afterward. There will usually be some sticky residue left behind, along with a load of dead skin cells. You’ll definitely want to rinse all of that off afterward.