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Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask DEAR KLAIRS
₱1,410.00 ₱1,128.00
Black Sugar Mask SKINFOOD
₱645.00 ₱595.00
Egg White Pore Mask SKINFOOD
₱645.00 ₱595.00
Aloe Vera Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask IMAGES
₱50.00 ₱39.00
Collagen Mask BARONESS
Rich Moist Soothing Mask DEAR KLAIRS
₱160.00 ₱128.00
Green Mung Bean Eye Mask IMAGES
₱50.00 ₱39.00
Olive Natural Skin Care Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Cucumber Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Goat Milk Facial Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Aloe Jelly BIOAQUA
₱50.00 ₱30.00
Milk Facial Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00
Honey Mask ROREC
₱60.00 ₱29.00

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About Face Masks

Overwhelmed by our selection of face masks? You’re not alone. To help you decide which ones to get, here’s a quick guide to the different kinds available on BeautyMNL:

  1. Peel-off masks – As the name suggests, it’s the kind of mask that you let dry on your face, and peel off afterward. These help unclog pores and get rid of blackheads. Many variants also contain salicylic acid, which helps prevent acne.

  2. Cream masks – Got dry, tired, and/or aging skin? Go for a cream mask. These often contain rich moisturizers and oils that help hydrate and plump up skin. Often applied before bed and left on overnight to let the skin absorb its nutrients, then washed off the next day.

  3. Clay-based masks – Have oily or acne-prone skin? A clay-based mask is your best bet for a deep cleanse. These draw impurities out of your pores and absorb them all, without stripping your skin of essential moisture.

  4. Sheet masks – This is one of the staples of a Korean skin care regimen. As the name implies, there are no messy creams involved. To use one, you simply open the pack and put the serum-infused cotton sheet on your face to get a treatment. Great for a pampering session right before bed.

  5. Exfoliating masks – These come in two forms. The first one contains natural ingredients that literally scrub the old skin off your face, such as oatmeal. The other, meanwhile, use chemical-based exfoliants such as alpha hydroxyl acids to remove dead skin cells. Both types do have the same end result: by removing old skin from the face, they help reveal new, healthier layers.

  6. Gel pads – Want to focus on a specific part of your face, such as the eyes? Then opt for gel pads. Just stick it on, leave for a few minutes, and voila! Brighter, less puffy eyes.