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Signs of aging can show up really quickly around your eyes. However, because this area is so sensitive (and because you only have two eyes, after all), a specialized product is often needed to effectively rejuvenate the area without leaving any harmful side effects. This is where eye creams come in. Here are a few tips for using eye creams: 1.) Only apply it to the bone around your eyes. Most eye creams are specifically formulated to treat the area in and around your orbital bone – not your eyelids or anything else. While probably not harmful, you probably won’t be benefitting from applying your eye cream to any other area either. Most of the product will migrate to the skin around your eyes, anyhow so don’t overdo it. 2.) Go for natural ingredients. Given that the skin around your eyes is more sensitive than any other part of your face, it’s best to avoid eye creams with mineral oil or similar petroleum-derived products. While not always harmful, you really don’t want to risk anything when it comes to the sort of products that you leave around your eyes. 3.) Don’t rub it in! Be very gentle when applying eye creams or any eye products for that matter. Not only is the skin around your eyes more prone to damage, your eyes themselves won’t take kindly to that kind of rough treatment.