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Often a subject of confusion in skincare, toner is actually an essential source of nourishment and hydration. Different formulations address a multitude of issues and purposes—be it sun damage, oiliness, aging, acne, whitening, unwanted impurities, scarring, and more. Finding one that works can be the key to fresher, smoother, and younger looking skin. With BeautyMNL’s wide selection of toners, from skin-repairing lotions to brightening formulas, there’s a right one for every skin type.

Sit tight, beautiful things are worth the wait!

All Toners

Miracle Toner SOME BY MI
₱1,600.00 ₱890.00
Unscented Toner DEAR KLAIRS
₱1,150.00 ₱920.00
Licorice pH Balancing Toner ACWELL
₱990.00 ₱842.00
Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep BY WISHTREND
₱1,250.00 ₱1,125.00
Coconut Facial Toner ESFOLIO
₱569.00 ₱455.00
Essence Toner 100ml PYUNKANG YUL
₱650.00 ₱591.00
Anti-T Toner YADAH
₱1,090.00 ₱926.00
Beauty Water SON & PARK
₱280.00 ₱245.00
Mist Toner (200ml) PYUNKANG YUL
₱900.00 ₱786.00
Aloe BHA Skin Toner BENTON
₱800.00 ₱640.00
Rose Cleansing Water NEOGEN
₱850.00 ₱680.00
Collagen Daily Toner ESFOLIO
₱799.00 ₱639.00
Aloe Vera Essence Toner ESFOLIO
₱799.00 ₱639.00
Rose Real Floral Toner NACIFIC
₱1,099.00 ₱689.00
Mist Toner (100ml) PYUNKANG YUL
₱600.00 ₱531.00
Extract It Toner HUXLEY
White in Milk Toner G9SKIN
₱1,200.00 ₱795.00
Nutri Snail Daily Toner ESFOLIO
₱799.00 ₱639.00
Tea Tree Water (50ml) SKIN REVOLUTION
₱320.00 ₱195.00
Fresh Herb Origin Toner NACIFIC
₱1,099.00 ₱689.00
Snail Essence Water DEWYTREE
₱1,299.00 ₱974.00
Morning Dew Facial Toner BATH JUNKIES
₱170.00 ₱125.00
Centella All In One Mild Pad PURITO
₱1,200.00 ₱820.00
Gentle Toning Lotion w/ Rose BYPHASSE
₱340.00 ₱323.00

About Toners

After washing our face, most of us use toner without a second thought. But with the wide range of toners now available in the market today, are we still using the right ones? Here are a few tips to help you choose.

  1. Know your astringents from your fresheners. There are different types of toners out there, and it helps to know what they’re all about. For example, astringents are recommended for oily skin and are used to remove excess sebum from the face. Meanwhile, fresheners are best for dry skin, as they have moisturizing properties. And one of the biggest differences between these categories is the alcohol content—astringents have a higher alcohol content than fresheners.
    There are hydrating, calming, and soothing toners as well. These are great for preparing your skin for the next step of your skincare regimen: moisturizing.

  2. Research on the best ingredients for your skin type. While the toners of the past were specifically made to remove excess dirt and residue, today’s formulations may now contain moisturizing or brightening properties. And even if oily skin may not necessarily need those components, those with normal to dry skin can benefit from an extra hydrating boost.
    Some common hydrating and calming ingredients include vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, rosewater, orange flower water, and glycerin. There are also toners with mattifying and whitening properties available here on BeautyMNL.

  3. Go easy on the alcohol. Or fragrances and citrus extracts, for that matter. These ingredients, which are found in many astringents, play a useful role in drying and disinfecting oily skin. However, if they’re present in very high concentrations, they can irritate skin. If you find them too harsh, use a water-based toner instead.

With these tips, we hope that you’ll be able to find the right toner for your face!