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Sun Protection


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One thing that keeps you down from enjoying the outdoors is the sun’s harmful rays. There is nothing more delightful than feeling confident in your own skin and showing it off to the world; however, when you begin to notice that your legs, arms, or face is beginning to dry up and form cracks because, it is time to cover up and stop exposing yourself from too much sunlight for a little while. Sun followers would not have to miss another day going outdoors, as long as they are constantly packing the right skin regiment. Your number one savior from the sun’s damaging rays would either be sunblock or sunscreen. Each time you hold the cold lotion in the palm of your hand, you are treating your body with the utmost skin care protection. Although sunscreen and sunblock are known to be the shields your skin needs against the sun, they can still give you a long list of benefits you will surely enjoy. Some of which includes: 1. Decreases your chances of being diagnosed with skin cancer. 2. Evens out your skin tone, through time, and prevents discoloration from ever happening again. 3. Preserves the natural appearance of your skin. Reduces the occurrence of reddish veins and blotchiness. 4. Popular brands offer anti-aging features in their sunblock and sunscreen products. 5. Leaves an addicting summer scent after each application. 6. Gives you more reasons to go out and enjoy your mornings, even if you do not plan to go to the beach. When you plan on purchasing sunblock and/or sunscreen, please choose the best SPF level that compliments your skin. Skin differs from person to person – some being more sensitive than others. If you want to fully protect your body, always read the label and remember, higher numbers might not always be best, so pick wisely.