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While one old and long gone scar or pimple might not be noticeable, several of them at once can cause your complexion to be noticeably uneven. Blemish treatments can be used to even out these differences, leaving you with more youthful skin. Here are a few things you should know: 1. Prevention is key. While acne and scarring from other causes is usually unavoidable, it’s often easier to prevent the causes of blemishes from happening in the first place than it is to treat them. If you’re not taking care of your skin now, it’s best to start today. 2. There are spot and area treatments. Make sure to check each of the products before use to see how that specific blemish treatment is meant to work. Some spot treatments, for example, might work brilliantly on one single blemish, but wreak havoc on your skin when used on a wide area. 3. There’s more than one way to treat blemishes. Many toners, astringents, and moisturizers these days have a limited capability to treat blemishes. You might not even need to add a new product to your beauty arsenal.