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Organic Skincare


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These days, people are looking to return to a more natural way of living and this includes not only choosing all-natural food, but also all-natural everything. Healthy is becoming a lifestyle that involves using only products that are made the organic way, and this includes products that are made for your skin. How do you get the most out of an organic skin care routine? Here are some tips: When choosing from a line-up of skin care products, always look for the word “organic”. – Some people confuse natural with organic, and vice versa. One is not really the same as the other. Natural can mean that the ingredients used are not synthetic, but this label does not mean the ingredients were grown organically. The label you need to look out for is organic, and not natural, all-natural, or made with organic ingredients. A product marked “organic” is required to carry 95% organic ingredients, so this is what you should look for. To keep skin and supple while still sticking to an organic beauty regimen, look for products with natural oils in them. – There are many oils that are considered organic and great for use with skin. Some of the choices you have include jojoba oil, almond oil, virgin coconut oil, and olive oil. Look for organic soaps that come with natural moisturizing ingredients. – Some of the organic soaps that you will find in the market will promise moisturizing properties, but in order for these to be considered truly organic, these moisturizers should also be from natural sources. Some of the most popular moisturizing ingredients that you can trust are organic include olive oil, goat milk, and shea butter, to mention but a few. For organic body scrubs, check what abrasive ingredient is added. – If an organic product claims to carry microbeads in them to help properly exfoliate your skin, then you have stumbled upon an item that is not really all organic. Microbeads are plastic and are therefore not natural. Look for body scrubs that use brown sugar as their exfoliating agent, or simply use an organic body wash and add in a tablespoon or two of brown sugar you have in your home to what you use.