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Facial oils are fast becoming the next hot trend in both beauty and acne prevention. Not only do they tend to be gentler on the skin than conventional products, they tend to be just plain better at replenishing and locking skin moisture while adding resistance to environmental damage. Here are a few things to consider when using facial oils. 1. Facial oils tend to work best on dry skin. While there are oils available for every skin type out there, facial oils tend to be more effective on dry skin. 2. Apply your facial oils with a gentle massaging. Actually, this advice is applicable to virtually every facial product out there. Excessive rubbing isn’t something you want to be doing to your face, as this could lead to irritation over time. 3. Allow some time for your skin to readjust. You probably won’t get optimal results right away. Give your new oil-based facial routine up to a week tops to see an improvement in your skin. 4. Look for value, not price. You don’t need expensive facial oils to see great results. Be sure to check out relevant product reviews if available. 5. If you have acne, try antibacterial facial oils. These can certainly do wonders for cutting down on acne-causing bacteria while keeping your skin moisture and sebum levels at optimal levels.