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In a hot and humid country such as the Philippines, keeping your skin hydrated is a must. For your body, it’s moisturizer; for your face, you use a facial mist. If it’s the first time you’re going to buy a facial mist, take note of these 3 tips and tricks: 1. Choose the right one for your skin type. While facial mists are water-based, not all of them are made out of thermal or mineral water. Many now have ingredients such as essential oils or plant-based extracts. So make sure to read the description of the facial mist that you’re interested in buying first. This will help you to avoid anything that may irritate or dry out your skin, instead of hydrating it. For example, some facial mists have fragrances, so it’s best to avoid those if you have sensitive skin. 2. Apply it the right way. It’s not as simple as spraying it on multiple times on your face. First, you should spray it from a distance—about five or six inches from your face will do. This distance will ensure that when you spray it on top of makeup, it won’t end up smearing it. And then after spraying, you should let the mist stay on your face for a minute or two, before you blot the excess off with tissue paper. This allows the product to be better absorbed, instead of evaporating away. 3. Use it before and during your facial regime. While facial mists are usually sprayed on top of makeup to freshen its appearance and prevent caking, it can be also used underneath moisturizer. This will help lock in the hydration it provides. You can also use it in between layers of makeup to create a dewy, baby-faced look. Just don’t go overboard with the misting—your aim is to make it soft and supple, not dripping wet.