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Moisturizer is such an established part of a skincare routine that we just usually put it on and assume it does its job. However, there are actually ways to make it work effectively so you get better skin faster. Here’s 7 of them: 1. Know your vocabulary. Moisturizer is actually a catch-all phrase that includes lotions and creams. And the distinction between the two is pretty simple: lotions are lighter, creams are thicker. However, if lotions are already heavy and you find creams greasy, then use oils instead. 2. Use it at night. A moisturizer will actually work faster at night for two reasons: your skin is being repaired while you sleep, plus it’s not exposed to the weather. 3. Apply it after a shower. This ensures that the moisturizer gets to trap the most moisture, preventing your skin from drying out in the first place. 4. Less is definitely more. You don’t need to put a lot of moisturizer. Just two pumps from a bottle, or two presses from a tube, will do. For face creams, a pea-sized amount should do the trick. 5. Switch it up based on the weather. Warm weather calls for a light lotion that doesn’t clog pores. Meanwhile, use a heavier cream for colder climates. 6. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Simply having a moisturizer with SPF protection is not enough. If your moisturizer’s SPF is not more than 30, then it’s advised to add sunscreen for sufficient sun protection. 7. Check the ingredients. Moisturizers have different formulations for different skin types, so make sure to get one with the right blend for your pelt. It’s also important to use moisturizer that’s specifically formulated for the different parts of your body. For example, don’t use body lotion around the eye area, as the skin there is more delicate than other parts.