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If you have sensitive skin, you may have grown up thinking that it’s hard to care for it. After all, this skin type is more susceptible to breakouts and irritation than others. But there’s no need to worry. With these 4 tips, life with sensitive skin will be much easier: 1. Don’t use anything just because it’s labeled hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin. Remember that product formulations differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, it pays to read the label first before buying anything. Who knows, that toner that you got may contain a substance that your skin might react to. 2. Take it out for a test. There are many kinds of sensitive skin out there, from flaking or itchy skin, to those suffering from redness or prone to breakouts. Hence, a single product may not work for all types. So before you put on a new product, do a patch test first on the skin behind your ear or somewhere else inconspicuous. Then wait for 24 hours. If there’s no redness, irritation, or other signs, then the product is really safe for you to use. 3. Avoid fragrances, strong detergents, alcohol, retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, and anti-bacterial ingredients. These might be too harsh for your skin and may have a big chance of irritating your face. As much as possible, use an unscented, soap-free liquid cleanser instead of bar soap. The fewer the ingredients, the better. And the same goes for creams and even those disposable facial wipes. 4. Choose your cosmetics carefully, especially those you’re going to use around the eye area. The skin around the eye area is the most delicate of all; any breakout or irritation in that area can spell disaster. So as much as possible, avoid waterproof makeup, as you need harsh makeup remover to erase them. And use face powder or a silicon-based foundation instead to reduce the risk of irritation.