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While buying anti-acne treatments is a great first step to battle pimples, it’s not the only step that you can take. There can be several causes behind a breakout, so you have to make sure that all your bases are covered. Here are some tips that you can follow to get healthy, clear skin: 1. Check your entire beauty routine. Are you putting too much makeup on your face? Or use a product that your skin may be sensitive to? That may trigger a breakout. This extends to hair care items. If your acne breakouts are in and around your hair line, then the product you’re putting on your hair may be the culprit. 2. Avoid sharing things with someone who also has breakouts. Remember, acne breakouts are triggered in part by bacteria. It may sound harsh, but sharing towels or makeup brushes with someone who has lots of pimples may cause that bacteria to spread to your face. So make sure to always bring your own set of toiletries with you. 3. Watch what you eat and drink. While chocolates don’t cause pimples, eating greasy junk food and getting dehydrated can exacerbate a breakout. So make sure to drink enough water and eat food rich in vitamin A to combat the zits! 4. Minimize stress. Yes, stress can trigger breakouts too. If you can’t completely eliminate the root cause of all your troubles, try exercising, meditation, or yoga to bring your stress levels down. And yes, stop fussing over your breakouts, as more stress may mean more pimples. 5. Consult a dermatologist. If your acne breakouts are really out of hand, then it’s high time to book an appointment with a medical professional. It may be caused by something more deep-seated, such as a hormone problem. Dermatologist may be also able to prescribe more potent anti-acne treatments than the ones readily available over-the-counter.