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Cleansing wipes are a handy must-have for cleaning and hydrating skin, and for removing stubborn makeup smudges after a long day. While part of countless beauty rituals, it’s important to note that not all cleansing wipes are made equal. Here are a few tips on choosing cleansing wipes that work for you. 1. Use soft yet sturdy wipes. While even the cheapest wipes are quite soft these days, you should refrain from using wipes that break up too easily when you use them. This can lodge small pieces of lint and other particles into your face, which can lead to problems later on. 2. Use the correct types for your skin. Regular wipes may work for most people but can be irritating for an unlucky few. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to use cleansing wipes specially made for it. 3. Use a gentle touch when using cleansing wipes around the eyes, as the skin in this area is thinner than anywhere else on your face. Give the active ingredients some time to work, then gently wipe around the area as needed. 4. Cleansing wipes can be used for freshening up! In a pinch, wipes can be used in place of washing up with water and a separate cleanser. This makes these products indispensable for keeping around the workplace and for traveling.