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Having the right cleansing tools on hand doesn’t just save you time, it can make your cleansing routine a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few tips on choosing and using the right cleansing tools. 1. Choose good quality reusable tools when possible. Keeping our planet beautiful is more important than anything else. While disposables are still a fact of life for most of us, investing in good quality reusable tools can reduce our overall impact on the environment. 2. Use rechargeable or plugged tools when possible. Many cleaning brushes, for example, require the use of disposable batteries, which gets expensive over time. The impact on the environment is nothing to sneeze at either. Rechargeable cleansing tools and models that could be powered off the main house current will tend to be more sustainable to use over time. 3. Start with the mildest settings possible. Some powered tools can be pretty rough on your skin at their highest settings. Start with a gentle setting and work your way up from there to prevent major irritation to your skin. 4. Sterilize your tools properly! Unhygienic cleansing tools can lead to an infection or worse. Use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to sterilize your metal instruments before use.