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About Hair Removal

Hair removal used to have a religious significance in Ancient Egypt, and it was known to symbolize cleanliness. Times have certainly changed, but hair removal continues to be done for a variety of reasons. A lot of people simply don’t feel complete unless they’ve done some hair removal. Here are a few of the most popular methods, most of which you can actually enjoy through Beauty MNL:

1.) Sugaring- this ancient method dates back almost 4,000 years and involved layering a sugar paste over the unwanted hair, waiting until it hardens, and yanking it out. It works similarly to waxing and many hair removal products combine both wax and sugar.

2.) Shaving – Practiced almost as soon as copper tools were developed 5,000 years ago, it’s become an incredibly sophisticated affair, with a wide (some say too wide) array of tools available to give you that perfect shave – wherever you might need it.

3.) Waxing – You don’t have to be Brazilian to enjoy the smoothness a good waxing gives you. BeautyMNL is teamed up with a number of salons that offer waxing services, and also has products on offer to help you get that smooth look and feel right in the privacy of your home.

4.) Threading – This ancient Persian technique uses spinning thread to pull out hairs quickly, and with incredible precision.

5.) Chemical depilation – This process involves using a mild chemical to literally dissolve hair to a gunk that you can simply wash away. This is often used as a no-pain alternative to waxing.

6.) Lasers – Since the 90’s this method has been used to effectively remove hair safely, and permanently. Home versions of laser kits are now available, allowing anyone to remove unwanted hairs wherever they may be.

7.) Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – Similar to lasers, intense pulses of light can be used to burn off hair, quickly and with minimal discomfort. Like lasers, multiple treatments can be done to permanently remove hair from an area.

8.) Electrology – This method has been used for decades to effectively remove unwanted body hairs permanently. A number of approaches are available, depending on the scale of hair removal needed.

9.) Plucking – Sometimes, there’s nothing more relaxing than settling in at home and getting down to business with a good pair of tweezers.

Whichever hair removal method you want to use, BeautyMNL can give you the means to do it, or connect you with someone who does.