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Love nail polish? Whether you’re new to this world of color or already a lacquer aficionado, you may want to learn more about it. Here’s 5 things that you may not know about your favorite colors: 1. Nail polish was used by ancient civilizations to denote rank. For Ancient Egyptians, red is only for the elite; the lower classes had to settle for nude or light colors. Chinese royalty, meanwhile, used gold and silver lacquers made from egg whites, gelatin, Arabic gum and beeswax. And before going to war, the Ancient Babylonians painted their nails with solid gold. Talk about #fierce.

  1. To refrigerate or not to refrigerate? There’s currently an ongoing debate on storing nail polish. Some camps argue that keeping it in the fridge is better, as the heat can mess up with its formulation. On the other hand, if the fridge is too cold, it can cause the lacquer to crystallize and its formula to break down. What’s the best solution, then? Keep it dry, in a room temperature space, away from direct sunlight.

  2. While unopened bottles of nail polish can last indefinitely, they’ll only last for a maximum of two years once you open them. Think of it like a bottle of soda—once you unseal the cap, some ingredients start evaporating. That’s also why old bottles of nail polish end up dried out or having a weird consistency.

  3. Don’t forget top and bottom. Top and base coats are essential—they help prevent chipping and nail staining. This is especially true for darker colors, which are more prone to chipping.

  4. Give your nails a break every now and then. While we always love to see our nails painted in different colors, make sure to go without polish for three days every three weeks. It’s essential to keep your nails healthy.