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3 Colors
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3 Colors
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2 Sizes
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₱164.00 ₱545.00
Having the right set of tools makes the job easier. No more is this truer than with eyebrow and lash tools. The precision needed to work on your eyes is too much even for some makeup experts. Thankfully, having the right tools for the job makes the process so much smoother and opens the doors for more creativity. Here are a few guidelines for choosing the right eyebrow and lash tools. 1.) Get the best you can comfortably afford. These tools will literally be a lifetime investment. Buying quality means you only have to buy one time. Your grandchildren will probably thank you for them when you pass them on. 2.) Upgrade wisely. If one of your tools breaks after reasonable normal use, take that as a sign to buy a much better version of the same tool. You will tend to be much happier when doing so. 3.) Stick with brand names. Unlike many items such as makeup and fast fashion, brand names do tend to count just a bit more when it comes to quality. Stick with offers from well-regarded brands and you should be mostly OK. 4.) Be honest about what you need. Tool shopping is addicting! You’ll find yourself constantly wanting specific eyebrow tools that you might not always need. Stick to the core basics unless you really want to go all-in with brow and lash shaping.