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To make your arsenal of makeup tools last longer, you should clean them regularly. Hence, here are some specific tips to keep in mind when cleaning each kind of tool: 1. Makeup brushes – While spraying a makeup brush sanitizer is acceptable every now and then, make sure to deep clean them at least once a week. This will prevent the accumulation and growth of bacteria. 2. Eyebrow pencil sharpeners – Using the freebie plastic stick to poke out leftover shavings is not enough. Like your makeup brushes, you should wipe your sharpener clean at least once a week. Just use a cotton bud wet with rubbing alcohol, cleaning the top of the blade first before cleaning the inside barrel. 3. Tweezers – Other than cleaning your tweezers with soap and water before you use it, you should also return the plastic or elastic band that kept it shut when you bought it. This can help keep your pair sharp and clean. You can also sanitize the tips of the tweezers using a cotton bud wet with alcohol. 4. Vanity mirrors – To clean your mirrors without creating streaks, first remove any spots, stains, or splatters using rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. Then just lightly mist the mirror with a glass cleaner. Wipe the mirror clean in a zig-zag manner using a microfiber cloth. 5. Makeup sponges – Wash makeup sponges after every use and air-dry them before storing. After all, a wet sponge stored in the darkness of your kikay kit can easily become a haven for mold and bacteria. And if you’re using a Beauty Blender, there’s no need for you to look for a stand to dry your sponge on—just perch it on top of the case. When the Blender is dry, it will simply fall inside without any effort.