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Before lipsticks were even invented, products similar to today’s liquid lipstick were already in use – which is quite funny if you think about it. Basically, this product is what people used to dab on their lips before someone thought to bind it with wax and oils to create the modern stick we know today. Here are a few modern tips for this old-school classic: 1.) Exfoliate and moisturize first. If you haven’t done either in a while, use a lip scrub to hit two birds with one stone. Exfoliating will help your liquid lipstick to stay longer on your lips, while moisturizing will help make them look great before you put any on. 2.) Use a lip liner. These are great for reshaping your lips, but even if you don’t want to do that, lip liner can still be pretty useful when you’re dealing with liquid lipstick. It can be used to definite the areas you want to fill in later, giving you maximum precision over the actual lip coverage. 3.) Use a lip primer. Some liquid lipsticks don’t really need a primer, but a lot of them do. And if you’re in for a long night, lip primer will help your liquid lipstick stay on for much longer. 4.) Less is more. Liquid lipstick tends to have a bolder effect compared to conventional lipsticks, so a little dab will often be enough for most needs.