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Are you a lipstick newbie? Most of us are, to be honest. Most people don’t really give it much thought beyond just finding the right shade. Here are a few simple tips to take your lipstick game further.

1.) Invest in lipstick primer. Using a primer first will basically turn most of your lipsticks into longer-lasting versions of themselves. It’s exactly what you need for a long day or to keep your favorites lasting just a bit longer.

2.) Get a good remover. We all have our little lifehacks on removing makeup, but nothing beats a real makeup remover. This will make your life so much easier and keep you from hurting your lips from over-scrubbing.

3.) Always moisturize. Even if you’re just chilling at home with your makeup off, be sure to drink enough water and to invest in a good lip gloss to keep those lips looking their best. If they already look great, to begin with, they look even better with almost any lipstick in your shade.