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No-Sebum Setting Spray
₱621.00 ₱690.00
Make It Last Matte Charcoal Setting Spray
Hydrating Soft Light and Long-Lasting Setting Spray
₱295.00 ₱350.00
Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray
₱350.00 ₱450.00
Make-Up Fixer Setting Mist Spray
₱395.00 ₱450.00
Multi Fixer Setting Spray
Oil Control Soft Light and Long-Lasting Setting Spray
₱295.00 ₱350.00
Lasting Chamomile Moisturizing Makeup Spray
₱250.00 ₱380.00
Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray
₱399.00 ₱450.00
Make It Last Setting Spray
Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray 100ML
Mist & Fix (100ml)
Miracle Prep Pore Minimising & Mattifying Primer
4Ever+Ever Makeup Setting Spray Dewy
Makeup Fixing Mist
Makeup Setting Spray (30mL)
₱249.00 ₱300.00
Make It Dewy Setting Spray
PhotoFocus Setting Spray
Infallible Setting Spray
Face Studio Setting Spray
Photo Focus Matte Setting Spray
Makeup Setting Fixer Spray
Make Up Setting Spray
4Ever+Ever Makeup Setting Spray Matte
Makeup Setting Spray 70ml
₱399.00 ₱499.00
Rose Petal Facial Mist Mini Size (3 oz)
Rose Mist (100ml)
Rose Mist (50ml)
All Day Real Matte Make Up Setting Fixx
Clarifying Lemon & Witch Hazel Face Mist
Photo Finish Makeup Fixer
Mist & Fix Mini (30ml)
Blur Spray (68ml)
Light Velvet Air 100ml
Light Velvet Air 30ml
Continuous Setting Mist Spray Holiday Edition
Continuous Setting Mist Spray
Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist Spray
Mini Continuous Setting Mist Saweet Peach Size (1.5oz)
Prep + Set + Go Transparent Face Powder

Perhaps the biggest problem with having the perfect makeup is having to keep it that way. Thankfully, setting sprays make that once daunting task much easier. Here are a few tips on using setting sprays the right way: 1.) Know your primer, blending, and finishing sprays. The dewy look is much easier to achieve if you apply a primer spray before you add on your foundation and other types of makeup. Primers, while not always necessary, make it easier to achieve a professional natural look, especially when working with powders. A blending spray, on the other hand, is useful if you prefer cream makeup. They make it simple to create all sorts of long-lasting contours when used in conjunction with creams. A finishing spray is the most common type. All you need to do is have your makeup on the way you want it, and spray it a few inches away from your face, avoiding the eyes. Some finishing sprays may also intensify the hues of your makeup while others are more neutral. 2.) Dewy vs. matte. Similar to paints, different sprays have different overall effects on your look. Some are intended for a hydrated look while others will give you a more mattified finish. As usual, what’s better all depends on you. 3.) You can apply them on to a brush for more precise control. This works great if there’s a specific part of your makeup that you want to add a little something extra. Rather than blitzing the whole area with a spray, just spray some of the product onto a clean brush and apply it with that. Easy-peasy!