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Not that many people use makeup primer when applying their makeup, yet it is considered an essential part of the makeup process by many professional makeup artists. Some people believe it is an unnecessary step in putting on make-up, but some dermatologists laud those who take the time to use this product. What exactly can you gain from using a primer before applying makeup? Here are some benefits that come from using such a product: - A smoother surface is produced - think of it in terms of any surface that needs to be painted. For the paint to go on smoothly, and for it to stay on longer, a primary coat is needed. The same is true for your face and the use of a primer. It helps give you a smoother surface to work with and your makeup will last longer because of this. - It actually softens your skin – believe it or not, some primers have ingredients in them that make your skin softer to touch. This, added to the smoothening effect, makes it easier to apply make-up and gives you a fresher look. - Protects skin from clogged pores – since a lot of primers come with pore reduction ingredients, you will find that because of your reduced and closed pores, you won’t have to worry about these getting clogged with the makeup you put on. This reduces your chances of developing skin imperfections brought about by pores getting filled up by minute particles of makeup. - It helps protect and absorb treatments and formulations you applied before putting on makeup – if you have a skin care regimen, and you use primer on top of what you put on your face before applying your makeup, the primer creates a barrier between your skin care stuff and your makeup. This allows your skin to reap the benefits of your skin care stuff even when your face is already fully made up.