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As the name suggests, the base of all great makeup looks is a good foundation. To help you choose among the many options available in the market today, and to use your chosen foundation well, here are 5 tips:

  1. Know the different types of foundation and check which ones are ideal for your skin type. Foundation is not one-type-fits-all; using the wrong kind of foundation can make your skin worse. For example, a matte-finish liquid foundation may emphasize your dry skin. Meanwhile, if you have dry, flaky skin, it’s best to stay away from pressed powder foundations as they may be too absorbent.

  2. Check your skin tone as well. When talking about skin tone, it’s not just whether you’re fair-skinned or morena. You also need to check whether your undertones are cool, neutral, or warm. Knowing your skin tone is important because it determines whether your foundation looks natural enough.

  3. Can’t find the right shade? Mix two different shades of foundation, using them for different parts of the face. This is especially important if you have an uneven skin tone.

  4. Dry your face completely before applying foundation. Applying foundation while your face is still moist from a wash or moisturizer will only cause it to cake. Better yet, apply a primer on your skin to help the foundation stay longer on your face. And don’t forget to blot your face after application.

  5. Keep expiry dates in mind. The consistency of old liquid foundation can be problematic, with the formula lightening or separating into layers. Hence, don’t hesitate to throw out a liquid foundation that’s more than a year old. Meanwhile, powder foundation has double the lifespan of its liquid counterparts—it has a shelf life of two years. That said, powder foundation becomes very dry or cakey when it’s past its expiry date.