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Corrector & Concealer Palette SUESH
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Color Corrector SUESH
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Pro-5 Camouflage Cream Palette IMAGIC
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About Concealers & Correctors

Buying an entire palette of concealers and correctors may seem overkill at first. After all, some think that since you only have one face, a single shade of concealer near your own skin tone would already suffice. What would you do with a green-toned concealer, anyway? However, that line of thinking is far from the truth. To create a truly flawless look, you will need a wide range of concealer colors to choose from. But why?

For starters, different concealer colors serve different purposes. Pink or peach-toned concealers work best for covering up those dark, bluish circles under your eye, while yellow-toned concealers even out skin tone. (However, if you have morena skin, skip the yellow-toned concealers and go for an orange-toned one instead.) So if you have both those problems, you’ll definitely need different kinds of concealers.

There are also some problems that need a combination of two concealers to fix. A great example are pimples and reddish blemishes. You’ll need to apply that weird green concealer to neutralize red spots and blemishes first, before applying the concealer that matches your skin tone to cover it. It’s not just as effective if you just use the skin-toned concealer alone, as the redness of the blemish will still stand out.

And who can forget contouring? Since you usually need two shades of foundation to create this technique, you also need to have two shades of concealer to complement each shade of foundation. Or you can just get a specially-made palette for contouring that already has everything you need.

As you can see, buying multiple concealers is a must, especially if you have several skin issues. Hence, buying an entire palette of color correctors is great value for money, as a single palette can contain all the hues that you need at a fraction of the cost.