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Intimidated by the thought of using cream blush or tint on your face? Afraid of putting them on the wrong way and looking like a clown? Fear not. Follow these 5 tips to get rosy cheeks with less effort. 1. The perfect time to use cream blush is during the colder months. The creaminess of the blush adds extra moisture to your skin, negating the drying effect of cold air. That same moisturizing boost makes cream blush a good choice for those with dry, aging skin. 2. Fingers messing it up? Use a brush instead. While traditionally cream blushes are applied using the fingers, some makeup artists prefer using a brush instead. This offers them better control, as a makeup brush doesn’t pick up too much product. It also makes blending much, much easier. A regular blush brush, stippling brush, or fan brush is good enough for the job. 3. Instead of applying a whole lot of blush and trying to smooth or even it out once on your cheek, try applying it little by little. Like coloring in a drawing, just put on a light layer of blush first. Then just add a little more if you need more color. This would help prevent you from putting on too much blush and looking like a clown, avoid the hassle of removing excess blush, and prevent wasting that blush as well. 4. Just like powder blush, to make sure you apply cream blush on the right places, smile! This will help you find the apples of your cheeks. 5. Cream blush already lasts longer than powder blush. But do you know you can still extend its lifespan by combining the two? Just use the same shade of powder blush on top of your cream blush as a setting powder and you’ll basically have all-day cheek color.