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Mineralize Blush IMAGIC
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About Blush

Like the cherry on the top of a sundae, the right blush will help accentuate your whole look. Similar to contours and highlights, cream and powder blushes are available. Here are a few blush tips to help you get started.

  1. Less is more. Unless you’re specifically going for a dramatic look, you just want enough blush to look healthy and vibrant.

  2. Work with your cheekbones. Most beauty experts will apply blush right along the focal points of their cheekbones, which is more or less where the redness of someone with healthy cheeks would be.

  3. Cream vs powder. Similar to highlighter and contour, brush usually comes in either cream or powder. The conventional wisdom is that cream works better for dry skin while powder works better for oily skin. However, this is not always that important with blush. Plenty of people may use a non-recommended blush simply because they like how it looks.