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Which should you choose, BB cream or CC cream? With the range of alphabet creams flooding the market, it’s understandable if you’re getting confused. And since they’re currently lumped together in one category on BeautyMNL, we’ll help you choose.

First, it pays to learn what these letters actually stand for and how they came about. BB cream is short for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm” cream, and were originally developed by the Germans to be used for post-cosmetic surgery skin care. Hence, they are made to deal with scars, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. They are very similar to tinted moisturizer and can be used as a substitute for primer or foundation.

Meanwhile, CC is short for “color correcting.” A CC cream usually boasts of the same benefits as BB cream, while primarily addressing skin tone problems. These include redness, sallowness, and dark spots. On top of that, CC creams often offer more SPF protection than BB creams. (However, that does not automatically make both replacements for sunscreen, especially for extended periods of time outdoors.)

Skin type also plays a role in choosing between BB and CC creams. BB creams are thicker and only a limited number of them are designed to work with sensitive skin. CC creams generally have a matte finish and a lighter formulation, making them also suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

So if the primary skin issue is skin tone, choose a CC cream. If not, the basic BB cream can do.

But regardless of your choice, it’s still best to do some research before buying any product. The formulation of BB and CC creams vary widely from company to company; there is no worldwide standard to the use of these names. Many times, their functions overlap and they contain similar ingredients. Hence, due diligence is advised before clicking the Checkout button.