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Lashslick GLOSSIER
Mega Lift Mini Mascara BLK COSMETICS
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Skinny Mini Mascara AUSTRALIS
₱545.00 ₱327.00
Scuba Mascara THE BALM
Velvet Volume FLE Mascara MAX FACTOR
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About Mascara

Mascara may be an essential part of any makeup kit, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of people have gotten over their love-hate relationship with it. After all, it can be so cumbersome and messy to apply. Well, fear not. Here are 5 tips that you can use to get the most out of your mascara:

  1. Make your mascara less clumpy with hot water. No, we don’t mean adding hot water to the mix, as that would dilute the formula. Just get the entire tube, make sure it’s closed tightly, and let it soak in a cup of hot water. The heat of the water will make the mascara more liquid and easier to apply.

  2. Use multiple mascaras for best results. Many makeup artists swear by this rule. There are no one-size-fits-all mascara; so to get multiple benefits for your lashes, you’ll need to have several to choose from. For example, you can layer a curling mascara on top of a lengthening mascara to get both of their benefits. Or you can put a waterproof mascara over regular mascara—the regular mascara makes it easier to remove, while a waterproof one makes it more long-lasting.

  3. Know your colors. It’s not just as simple as getting plain black mascara. If you want extra definition and intensity, go for a carbon black mascara. And yes, there’s a use for blue mascara—you can use it to help mask a late night in daylight, as it highlights the whites of your eyes.

  4. Put baby powder over your lashes, in between layers. This can help plump up your lashes more than just plain mascara.

  5. Have an old yet clean mascara wand handy. You can use it to remove clumps, excess mascara, or to style the lashes better. No extra wand available? Use a clean toothbrush instead.