Eyeshadow Pots

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About Eyeshadow Pots

When you find an eyeshadow shade you just tend to use more, eyeshadow pots become an excellent investment. Here are some points to consider.

1.) Go for quality, not quantity. Truth be told, you can sacrifice a bit of quality on palettes because you might not always be using them. Pots, on the other hand, tend, to be used far more often as a base or go-to color. If you’re using them that often, then it pays to go with quality.

2.) Choose something that works with what you have. Think about the other pieces of your makeup kit before you order eyeshadow pots. You’re getting a pot because you expect to use it often, after all. If it doesn’t look quite right with everything else, then it might be a poor investment, no matter the brand or the quality.

3.) Get pots of your favorites shades from palettes. If you’re using up a certain shade in an eyeshadow palette way more than any of the others, it’s about time you invested in a pot of that eyeshadow.