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4 Colors
8 Colors
5 Colors
₱199.00 ₱250.00
6 Shades
₱219.00 ₱365.00
₱195.00 ₱325.00
The eyes have it! Because we communicate with our eyes, having your eye makeup on point is especially important. Pencil eyeliner is an indispensable part of anyone’s eye makeup kit and comes in the following types: 1.) Powder-based pencils. Some people prefer to call these “kohl”. Powder-based pencil offers a less intense color, making for a silky look. These can get pretty subtle if you need them 2.) Gel- or cream-based pencils. These are perhaps among the more popular pencils today. They offer simple, fuss-free application and the possibilities are endless when you have the right set of applicators and brushes to go with them. 3.) Liquid eyeliner pencils. These offer the most striking look. Modern liquid eyeliners work somewhat similar to a sharpie, coming in an easy to use a pen with different sets of tips, making it super simple to have those cat eyes you’ve always wanted.