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Here I Am 16-Color Eyeshadow Palette
₱599.00 ₱1,500.00
Real Brow Duo Kit
Smooth Texture Lasing Makeup Eyebrow Palette
₱295.00 ₱350.00
ColorStay Brow Kit
Three Colors Natural Long Lasting Eyebrow Powder
₱350.00 ₱400.00
3-in-1 Brows Secret (Buy 1, Take 1)
₱295.00 ₱590.00
Inspiring Brow Kit
Brow Powder
Brow Magazine
#03 Golden Peach Cream And Powder Eye Color Makeup
Cooling Eye Drops, Ice, All-In-One, 0.4 fl oz (13 ml)
₱800.00 ₱990.00
Cooling Eye Drops, Dual Action Redness + Dryness Relief, 0.4 fl oz (13 ml)
₱800.00 ₱990.00
Cooling Eye Drops, Max Strength, Maximum Redness Relief, 0.4 fl oz (13 ml)
₱800.00 ₱990.00
Designing Eyebrow 3D
MakeBrow Eyebrow Palette
Fashion Brow 3D Palette
(H)eyebrow Eye + Brow Liner
Dimensional Palette
Power Duo Brow Kit
Shaping Eyebrow Palette
Eyebrow Palette
Eye Brow 3D Sculpt
₱390.00 ₱420.00
Brow Zings Pro Palette
Eye Brow 3D Sculpt (Buy 1, Take 1)
₱420.00 ₱840.00
Ombre Brow Kit
Brow Master Eyebrow Kit

If you’re not gifted with the set of brows you want for some reason, eyebrow powders and palettes are available to help you get those chic brows you’ve always wanted. Here are a few tips on using these lifesaving products: 1.) Take time matching your hair color. Even if you do decide to go for something more striking, it helps to have a baseline share to work from. This ultimately provides you with more flexibility should you decide to go in a bolder direction. 2.)Remove stray hairs. Taking time to do this will help you get much neater results. No need to be super precise either. Just deal with the prominent ones for now. 3.) Use the right tools. Having the right brushes on hand will make the somewhat difficult job of filling in your brows so much simpler. 4.) Avoid over trimming. Eyebrows take a long time to grow, and while you certainly can use powders and palettes in the meantime, you probably don’t want to go this route.