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Give us a sec! Just getting ready.

6 Shades
₱509.00 ₱1,500.00
7 Colors
₱399.00 ₱800.00
4 Shades
₱1,550.00 ₱2,150.00
4 Shades
3 Colors
₱582.00 ₱895.00
₱1,170.00 ₱1,300.00
₱2,160.00 ₱2,400.00
₱195.00 ₱1,500.00
₱1,260.00 ₱1,400.00
₱1,170.00 ₱1,300.00
Having a selection of different eyeshadow colors makes life more fun. It’s that feeling you used to get when you got those big boxes of crayons – maybe better! Here are a few things to consider when getting eyeshadow palettes: 1.) Make sure most of the colors work on your skin tone. While every palette is certain to have a few that will work for you, why not maximize the value by getting a palette that gives you more possibilities? 2.) Go for quality, not quantity. A lot of us have makeup boxes full of stuff we don’t use simply because we went for the cheap alternative rather for the palettes we felt in our heart of hearts would be more of a joy to use. Don’t make that mistake again! 3.) Get a fun palette that helps you express your personality. While most of us need a palette that’s “all business” a fun and funky one can make anyone feel incredible. And really, that’s what makeup is about.