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₱311.50 ₱445.00
Intense Liquid Eyeshadow
35O Palette
Lorelei Eyeshadow & Blush Palette
₱499.00 ₱549.00
mini creamy all over paint trio
₱849.00 ₱987.00
blk cosmetics eyeshadow palette clay
35D Desert Bouquet Artistry Palette
16-Color Eyeshadow Palette
₱599.00 ₱1,500.00
Catrice Liquid Shadow Waterproof
Catrice The Modern Matt Collection Eyeshadow Palette
Catrice The Spicy Rust Collection Eyeshadow Palette
Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow
48 Color Eyeshadow Palette
₱599.00 ₱650.00
Daily Basic Palette
mini creamy all over paint
9-Color Keyboard Eyeshadow Palette
Multi-Glaze Eyeshadow Pen
BBIA Tea House
₱999.00 ₱1,630.00
Wedding Dream 15-Color Eyeshadow Palette
₱599.00 ₱1,500.00
Baby Cute 15-Color Eyeshadow Palette
₱599.00 ₱1,500.00
FMGT Eye Moment Palette
Fruta x FMGT Eye Moment Palette
Mono Cube Eyeshadow (Glitter)
Mono Cube Eyeshadow (Shimmer) - Red Label
Star Temptation 16-Color Eyeshadow Palette
₱395.00 ₱550.00
Play It Jewel
Ink Pocket Shadow Palette
Eye Color Quad
₱395.00 ₱450.00
Soft Touch Stick Shadow in Over Crystal
₱449.00 ₱499.00
16-Color Diamond Blades Eyeshadow Palette
₱995.00 ₱1,100.00
My Magazine
Masterpiece Nude Palette
₱833.00 ₱925.00
Mono Cube Eyeshadow (Matte) - Gemstone Coral
BRONZED this way! eyeshadow palette
₱116.00 ₱129.00
Blushed Eyeshadow Palette
₱80.00 ₱89.00
epic sunset eyeshadow palette
₱233.00 ₱259.00
Garden Variety Palette
Soft Touch Stick Shadow in Vintage Cinnamon
₱449.00 ₱499.00
Pixi + Tina Yong - Tones & Texture
Cabana Club Palette

Every basic makeup kit cannot be complete without a set of eyeshadows. This beauty product is one of the only items that can give your eyes the emotion and drama you want to achieve. Yes, it is true that professionals do use tones that can be found even between the colors of the rainbow, but beginners may start with shades that match and/or compliment their skin tone. The eyes are known to be one of the most difficult parts to apply makeup on because not only are you allowed to work in such a small space, but sometimes your eyes cannot seem to sit still. Those who are unfamiliar with the ways of the eyeshadow may want to follow these simple tips: 1. Do not be afraid of the eyeshadow’s color palette. Instead, have fun and experiment with it. Naturally, three colors of eyeshadows (that share similar shades) is enough to complete the basic look, but if you are planning to create bold new looks, choose colors that are not found in your comfort zone. 2. Although using your fingertips is acceptable, it is always better to use the prescribed brush. It will even out the color on your eyes and it is soft to the touch. Also, with the variety of brushes available, you can use different strokes to create different effects. 3. Applying makeup on the eyes is always the last step. So, if you are planning to use your eyeshadows, apply your regular makeup first. Always apply your mascara after you are done putting on your eyeshadow, so that it won’t disrupt its appearance, and if you want your eyeshadow to last all day, use a shadow primer. By doing so you will prevent the oils from your skin from seeping through your hard work. With the right combination of tones and matching clothes, you will be able to create limitless styles that can express your inner you.

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