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We’re all starting to get passionate about our eyeshadow primer these days – for good reason! It does more than just keep your eye makeup on, it can do the job for makeup anywhere else on your face. The ability to apply primer on just one spot makes it useful for a number of things. Some alternate uses for eye primer include: 1.) Covering up scars and pimples. Put a dab of primer on zits and scars before putting on your foundation to ensure the makeup doesn’t flake or fall off until you remove it yourself. 2.) Hiding fine lines. Add some eye primer under your eyes, the sides of your mouth and anywhere else fine lines start developing before you add a layer of concealer or foundation on it. A major plus is that it will prevent creasing too. 3.) As lipstick primer! Yes, you can use eye primer in place of lipstick primer to prevent premature smearing. Just make sure your lips are well-moisturized before application.