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Everyone has used a blow dryer in his or her life. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the best way to use one or even how to maintain one. Hence, here are some tips to use a hair dryer like a pro: 1. Towel-dry your hair first before using a hair dryer. Not only will your hair dry faster this way—you’ll also need less heat to use on your hair, protecting it from damage. Use a microfiber towel or paddle brush with microfiber strands to dry it faster. 2. Don’t crank up the heat. If the air from the blow dryer is too hot, you’ll end up with heat-damaged hair. But how hot is too hot? Test the air against the back of your hand. If it’s uncomfortable, dial down the setting. And instead of putting the heat setting to max, just adjust the blower strength higher. 3. Adjust the heat of your blow dryer based on the type of your hair. If you have fine hair, just keep the heat down low; for thicker or coarser strands, go for higher heat. Too much heat on fine hair can create frizz, while thicker hair needs more heat to settle into place. And if your dryer has a cool air function, use it at the end to “set” your hairstyle. 4. Divide your hair into fours to make blow-drying easier. By focusing on smaller portions of hair at a time, you’ll be able to dry your hair faster and style it better. 5. Clean your blow dryer regularly. If you notice that your hair dryer is not blowing the same amount of air as it used to, then it might be dirty. Dust and lint may accumulate in the vent area, blocking the flow of air. To clean it, simply get an old yet clean toothbrush and brush the obstructions out.