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Wondering whether you should get a new flat iron or a curler? Once you’ve read this quick list of things you can do with them, you’ll definitely buy one. 1. Use a flat iron to curl your hair. Yes, it also does the complete opposite of what it was originally meant to do. Whether it’s beachy waves, crimps, or big curls, you can use a flat iron to create them all. 2. Add vibrant color to your hair by chalking. No need to use hair dye. Simply purchase a pack of soft chalk pastels from an art supply store, then run it your chosen color through your hair. Once you’ve gotten enough product on your hair, use a flat iron to seal it, ensuring the color will last. 3. Transform a curling iron into a curling wand. Yes, it’s pretty simple—all you need to do is to remove the clip. Do so by unclasping the wire stand, then use a screwdriver to remove the screws on both sides of the clip. Ta-da, a curling wand! 4. Remove makeup pots from a compact or palette with a flat iron. Want to refill an empty palette but the empty pots are stuck? Or want to remove the ones that still have makeup in them? Just heat up your flat iron, then place the compact on top of it. The heat from the flat iron will melt the glue attaching the pots to the palette or compact, making them easier to remove. (Just make sure to use tongs, to avoid getting scalded.) 5. Iron clothing when you’re on the road. Staying at a place without a clothes iron, and your clothes are all wrinkled? Heat up your flat iron and use it to straighten the hems or collars of your tops. Just a word of caution, however: don’t use it on delicate fabrics.