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Brushing your hair can sometimes seem like the simplest thing to do. But do you know that you may be doing it wrong? To help you out, here are some tips so that you can brush your hair like an expert: 1. **Don’t brush too much.**
Brush your hair only twice a day. Remember those shampoo commercials that tell you the secret to healthy hair is at least 100 brush strokes every day? That’s actually a myth. Just have a one-minute brushing session after you wake up and before you go to bed. Those two times would be enough to keep your hair healthy, as brushing too much can cause more breakage. 2. **Learn more about the different kinds of hairbrushes.**
The wrong kind of brush won’t just make brushing harder for you—it can also damage your hair. For starters, to detangle your hair after a bath or shower, use a comb first instead of a paddle brush. Meanwhile, if you’re blow drying your hair at home, use a round brush to straighten hair out.
You should also check the kind of material used in your hairbrush. One good example is using brushes with natural bristles or nylon instead of plastic. These are much gentler on your hair. 3. **Always keep your brushes clean.**
Your brush will end up collecting oil, dirt, and other gunk from styling products when you use it regularly. So it’s not enough to remove the stray strands of hair that gets stuck in its bristles. You should also clean it once a month with a shampoo and warm water mixture. Another alternative would be to use baking soda and lukewarm water. Inspect individual bristles too—gunk tends to stick to them. To remove all that gunk, use a toothbrush to run through the brush. And to finish it all off, make sure they air dry properly in the open to prevent the formation of molds.