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There are so many kinds of hair styling products out in the market today. And with all these options, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint which item is the right one for your hair. Hence, here’s a quick rundown of each category: **Mousse** – Great for all hair types. When applied evenly using a brush, it can give your hair an instant boost. Best used for creating curls and soft waves. Can be also used to straighten hair—simply get enough mousse for your hair, then apply it to your dry hair using your fingers, covering it from root to tip. **Wax** – The best product to create texture for your pixie or shag cut. Has maximum hold and lasts for a long time, which makes it also hard to wash off hair. Only use sparingly on the ends of your hair and you’re done. Don’t apply to the roots or the mid-shaft portions of your hair, as its heavy texture can make hair look limp or greasy. **Hairspray** – The ideal product for keeping your hair in place. Like mousse, it’s suitable for all hair types. It comes in a number of holds—soft, medium, and strong—to suit your specific needs. However, it usually contains alcohol, **Pomade** – This classic hair product from your grandfather’s youth is making a comeback, with newer formulations providing better texture. Very similar to wax, but has more shine; can be used for short hair or longer layered hairdos. **Volumizers** – As the name suggests, it helps plump up straight, limp locks or curly hair that falls flat. Applied straight to the roots and scalp. Available in spray or foam form. Shine drops —The best remedy for lackluster medium to thick hair. A pea-sized drop, rubbed between your hands and applied on your hair mid-shaft, is enough for straight hair. Meanwhile, you may need three or four drops to control frizz on your wet curly hair.